Saturday, December 8, 2012

Face of the Day : Berry Look

Myra Daily Sun Protect Facial Moisturizer SPF 15
4u2 Lovelight BB Powder with SPF 15
Shawil Blush in 6 Perfectly Peach

E.L.F. Eyebrow Kit in Medium
Nichido Clear Mascara

E.L.F. Matte Brown Eyeshadow
Covergirl's Lash Blast Mascara in Brown
Avon Lash Curler

Maybelline Baby Lips (US Version) in Pink Punch 
Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in  Rasberry Pie


Come Back Post (HAUL)

     Sorry guys i haven't blog since i went home to Isabela, it was just busy after vacation. But here am i for a haul. My last post was a haul but whatevs. These are the babies i recently bought from the mall and online shops. 

Sunday, October 28, 2012


I recently have been going in and out of our nearby mall and i can't just window shop. I always have been an impulsive buyer but i always say at the back of my mind "Gelai, you can blog about them even if it didn't work for you." Yes, i love sharing my thoughts on a product. So these are the things i recently bought. 

  • Neutrogena Deep Clean ( Brightening in Mulberry) - I'm sorry this wasn't included on the above photo because it was in my bathroom. I forgot my Clean and Clear Deep Action Facial Wash at my dorm and when i saw this was on sale from Php 309 to Php 249 at Watsons. I think it will run until Nov 4, i'm not really sure.

  • San San Long Lash & Thick Lash Waterproof Mascara in Brown - I have a thing for brown mascaras recently after i accidentally bought Covergirl's Lash Blast in Brown. When i went to HBC, i looked into their box which had a sale tag. Then i saw these. The Thick Lash was originally at Php 115 but i got it for Php 49 while the Long Lash was originally Php 125 but got it for Php100.  Two for Php 149, what a steal! :) 

  • Nichido Minerals/ Precise Eye Pencil in Chestnut - I bought this because i wanted to try fill my brows with a pencil. It was only Php 138 and the saleslady told me that it is their best seller shade.

  • Nichido Clear Mascara - I'm so into my brows and opted to but a clear mascara that will tame those unruly eyebrow hairs and this by far was the cheapest. Bought it for Php 89.50. ,

  • My Nails Nail Polish Remover - It's still our sembreak so i change my nail color every 3 days. :)  Got this for Php 18.  

  • Caronia in Clear - I want to have an inexpensive top coat. Got this for Php 33.50

  • Jocarste Nail Polish in 24 - Love at first site when i saw this color. It's a pearl-y shade that has the right amount of shimmer. Bought this at Shawil counter for Php 39.

  • Nichido Liquid Eyeliner in Black - I just repurchased this since my first one is missing. Bought this for Php 68.

  • Fashion 21 Stick Eyeshadow/ Liner - I swatched this and felt so creamy and i am in need for a good white eyeliner and it is for Php 85.

  • Nylon Body Puff - For exfoliating and how cute is that design? Bought it for Php 44.75
  • Watsons Safe Small Scissors - Sorry i forgot to take an individual picture but it is included in the first photo. Bought it for Php 59. 

     Hey guys! This is my last post for October since i'll be going home at my province, Isabela after i publish this. Take care and God bless wherever you are. (=


Saturday, October 27, 2012

REVIEW: CHARM Retractable Kabuki Brush in Gold

     I have a huge love on makeup brushes so my Beauty Cosmetics' Flat Top Brush is always at my makeup bag. But i noticed that the shape of the brush was not as it was originally so i looked online how can my problem be solved. I found brush guard but i realized the brush handle is long that prohibits me to use smaller bags. That's when i came across Beauty and Minerals' Retractable Kabuki Brush in Gold.

     It came with a pink box (but i left it at my dorm) and a guide on how to care for your brushes. After i cleaned my Kabuki Brush and dried, i used it immediately. Amazeballs, it is so soft and dense. Every bristle is designed not to make scratches. I used it with my 4u2 Lovelight BB Powder and i am so inlove this has never left my makeup bag. 

I also found this trick that you could adjust how dense your brush would be. This is by adjusting using the metal in which the actual brush is covered, other than the lid itself. This brush is so versatile that it can apply powder, liquid and cream.powder blushes. 

     Ms. Sophie is so accommodating in answering questions regarding your order. I am sure this is not my first Charm brush. :)


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Clueless On What to Wear This Halloween?

     Are you attending a costume party? Halloween is just around the corner girls. If you're not yet sure what to wear or what to portray i might just have an answer. Recently i was gaga looking for an online shop that sells costumes specifically a "Red Queen type". I came across this online shop which sells a wide variety of party costumes for affordable prices. You'd be worrying that almost all party costume shops are for pre-orders only, meaning you'd have to wait for 2-3 weeks. That was my problem before, until i found PartyGal Lingerie. All of their costumes are on hand and have sizes selection. Not only does they cater to party costumes, they also sell lingerie clothes. 

Heartbreak Queen for Php 1,355
By the way, i used this costume for my creative shot for graduation and might as well wear this on an upcoming costume party. I also availed for the free shipping with minimum of 500php order valid for first time orders :) The online seller was very accommodating in answering questions. I highly recommend this shop for girls out there. 

What i looked like wearing the costume. :)

P.S. I tell you, you'll have a difficult time choosing because all are lovely. :)

Tell me what will you be for halloween. :)


Liebster Blog Award

I was so surprised when i saw that i'm nominated by my co-blogger here in blogspot to have the Liebster Blog Award. If you didn't know this award is given to bloggers with less than 200 followers. It's a way of helping newbies to gain readers and also to acknowledge the effort a blogger does on her blog. You will write down 11 random facts about you and then answer 11 questions from the person who nominated you. You must nominate 11 blogs that hasn't been nominated.

Lucky i am, my blogger friend Tonnumura nominated me. Thanks hun! Check her awesome site guys! :)

11 Random Facts About Me
  • I love exotic delicacies
  • I can't swim (even if i passed my swimming class before LOL)
  • I don't eat carrots (just because it's orange)
  • I hate it when ketchup touches my rice
  • I love to watch cooking shows
  • I make the best macaroni salad ever (ask my family!)
  • I have asthma since i was in 5th grade
  • I love lippies
  • I cry easily
  • I enjoy eating alone
  • I love All Time Low and Taylor Swift

11 Questions for my Nominees:
1. What's your favorite sport?
     - I'm not into sport, is cheerdancing counted? :)

2. What's your favorite Fall nail polish?
     - We don't experience fall here in the Philippines but i love Caronia's Crimson Red.

3. What's your favorite movie?
    - S1mone

4. Do you prefer tea or coffee?
    - TEA! 

5. Do you play any musical instrument?
   - Sort of! Xylophone. Teehee

6. What country would you like to visit soon?
   - FRANCE! <3

7. Are you quiet or outgoing?
   - Outgoing

8. Do you like candles?
   - YES!

9. What will you be for Halloween?
   - The Queen of Hearts

10. Do you prefer winter or summer?
   - Summer! :) I haven't experienced winter yet. We only have wet and dry season. :)

11. Ice cream or Yogurt?
   - Yogurt! :) 

My Nominees

11 Questions for my Nominees
1) What's your favorite comfort food?
2) What 3 things your bag should have?
3) Favorite band?
4) Do you like roller coasters?
5) Favorite ice cream yogurt?
6) Shorts or skirts?
7) Rainy or sunny?
8) Favorite TV series?
9) Makeup you can;t live without?
10) Favorite nail color?
11) Favorite facial wash?

Thanks for reading! :) Check the sites i've nominated they're pretty awesome. :)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The First Giveaway I Won. :)

I don't always go check my email just because i think it doesn't matter. But this night i went to check my mail and i got a message from my co-blogger Karen of telling i won her NYC Demon Topcoat Giveaway. 

I'm just worried about customs if they'll charge me anything. :( I hope not! Thank you Karen for the prize. :)


NOTD : Models Own in Coral Reef

     Yes, I'm wearing nail polish already. Just because it's our semestral break so that means i'm allowed to paint my nails. YAY! But this will only last for two weeks. It's all good though. Today i decided to paint my nails using the Models Own Nail Polish in Coral Reef which i bought last Supersale Bazaar at Makeup Hub By Naturele Collezione. I was influenced by Ms. Say Tioco Artillero to choose this color because she was wearing the exact color that time. Since i'm a sucker for anything that's coral, i bought it for Php 350. It has this usual nail polish pungent smell but it doesn't bother me at all. One coat is enough. Tell me what's your favorite nail color this sembreak? :)

The brush is wide enough for my nails.

Models Own in Coral Reef

My swatch

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Day No. 7 Makeup Challenge: Favorite eye shadow color?

Favorite eye shadow color?

     I love neutral shades and matte. I love my Milani Quad in Sedona Sunset. :) It has all the color i need for an everyday look. :) 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Eyes Lips Face - Why aren't you in SM Dasma?

I know E.L.F. might be a lil expensive here in the Philippines than in US but still its affordable for a student like me. But unfortunately SM Dasma doesn't have an E.L.F. counter. Sometimes i had to go to Alabang Town Center just to buy my favorite Eyebrow Kit in Medium. And now, i'm enraged because i want to try their Hypergloss but i couldn't. I'm so busy at school so commuting is the least i want to do. 

Please E.L.F. Philippines, could you have one in SM Dasma? :))) That would mean a lot to   me and my fellow makeup enthusiasts to get hold on to your products in a nearby store. :))


FOTD : Smokey + Red

 I was just practicing on my creative shot makeup look. And this was the result. I need more practice. :) Btw, Queen of Hearts will be my creative shot for graduation. :)

I love it!! :)

Pardon moi awkward smile :)

YAY! :)

My costume :)
Shoes! :)

What do you think girls? Tell me so i could improve. :) 


Day No. 5 Makeup Challenge: Favorite lipstick, lip gloss and lip liner?

Favorite lipstick, lip gloss and lip liner?

Lipstick(?) This is in a balm form but stains your lips, so does this count? :) I love this so much! :)

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Rendezvous

Organizers Within Your Reach

     Do you share my problem of not having an organized makeup products? Have you gotten tired of looking for organizers at the malls? Do you love acrylic makeup organizers like those gurus have? And do you like to organize your accesories in a chic way?Well ladies, i found this online shop which will help your organization issues. I was so ecstatic when i came across this shop. Let's load up on these babies that will keep our makeup desk organized. I sounded like i'm endorsing but no babies, i just wanted to share this to you 'cause i know you want them too. 

I introduce you to: MISS BELLA PH From makeup to accessories- organizers made sassy. :) Let's raid her site, you know you want them! :) More products on their site ladies! <3

Photo taken from Miss Bella Ph's online shop
Photo taken from Miss Bella Ph's online shop
Photo taken from Miss Bella Ph's online shop

Photo taken from Miss Bella Ph's online shop
Photo taken from Miss Bella Ph's online shop
Photo taken from Miss Bella Ph's online shop


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day No. 4 Makeup Challenge: Do you like wearing foundation? If so, what’s your color and favorite?

 Do you like wearing foundation? If so, what’s your color and favorite?

        I don't wear foundation. :( I only used BB creams and still not on a daily basis but i own 4u2 foundation and used it less than 10 times. :) 


Monday, October 15, 2012

Pageview Reset to Zero

      By time you read this you might be as shocked as i was when i first saw that my pageview got reset to zero. I think all bloggers were affected by this because i checked some forums that bloggers were asking why did it happen. To be honest, i was relieved that it's not just me who experienced this. The first thing i thought that caused this was my recent deletion of viruses in my laptop ( Paranoid much? ).

     It irritates me to know my pageview was reset. As a blogger, it's nice to know that someone's reading your thoughts. It's rewarding to see total views from people all around the world, don't you think? 

Let me know how you felt seeing less than 10 views on your blogs. 

Day No.3 Makeup Challenge: Favorite Brand?

Makeup Challenge: Favorite Brand/s?

This photo is taken from here.
            In the States this is a drugstore product but here in the Phippines the price is like for high-ends. But i love revlon so much i always check on their counters at the malls even without buying. I usually buy my Revlon products online so it's cheaper. 

Maybelline New York Logo
This photo is taken from here.

      The first makeup product that i bought with my own money was Maybelline's Hypercurl Mascara. I remembered that i was so shocked with the price, i think it was 349 (i forgot!). But girls rave on their mascara. I have to say they make the best mascaras. :)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day No.2 Makeup Challenge: How did you learn to put on makeup?

How did you learn to put on makeup?

     I learned how to put on makeup by watching tons of Youtube gurus. At first i was just entertained on how well they can transform themselves but haul videos made me want to buy makeup to. So there i started lil by lil from lips, cheeks, eyeliner then eye shadows and the rest was history. :) 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day No. 1 Makeup Challenge

I saw fellow bloggers do this 30 day Makeup Challenge. And i was so giddy to answer the questions. Here's my first out of the 30 questions i'd be answering.

1. When did you start putting on makeup?

I started putting on makeup when i was in first year college. Though i had always curled my lashes since first year high school. I thought before that eyelash curler is the best invention ever('til now i still do!). I was a girl who didn't like the feeling of putting products on my face especially my lips. I remembered my grandmother put lipstick on me when i was about to graduate in elementary. I hated the smell and taste of "old" lipsticks. She even put it on my cheeks which i dreaded when i was at that age. Until now that I started to put full makeup since my early months of being a senior nursing student. :) 

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Monday, October 8, 2012

What's in my make-up bag?

I love to read this tag. I get nosy on what other girls bring with them every single day. Don't you like discovering new products from other people and knowing what their holy grails are? So i decided to let others know what i take with me. I personally have a lot of products in my bag because i stay in a dorm and it's hassle-free when i go home immediately. I just grab my bag that  basically  all i need. My make-up collection stays at my dorm just because i only get to our house on weekends.  
THE make-up bag 

Top view

Make-up bag from SM Department Store
 I'm attracted to transparent things like this bag (BUT i don't like transparent hand bags :P). When i saw this there was no second thought of buying it. What caught me into buying the bag is the side pocket which i thought is perfect for my brushes. It's so roomy that all i need could fit in. :) Being transparent means easy navigation on the products i would want to use. I bought this for less than Php200. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Birthday Make-up Haul + Review

        As you all know, I'm addicted to online shopping and since September was my birthday month, I gave in to buy these babies I've wanted for so long. I bought it at makeupHOLICS. It was so easy, and the time i went gaga for make-up the online store was having their Payday Sale. I'm a lucky bear, i know! :) You may noticed that almost all the products i bought were U.K. Brands. Yes, i love everything about the Brits and European brands. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

REVIEW: Korres Lip Butter in Jasmine

Another product worth reviewing! I was so curious to try this because Fleur a.k.a. FleurDeForce in Youtube loves this especially the Jasmine one. And when i finally saw it online, i just had to buy it. Let's see, this one's my first Korres product that i own so far. The packaging looks very clean and a touch of girly vibe on it with the pink cap. And i like products that look so mysterious, plain and simple. The simplicity of the packaging was totally nothing compared to the actual product. It has a somewhat "cookies" smell on it that makes me want to always dig on it. 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

REVIEW : Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains

(L-R) Honey, Sweetheart, Lovesick, Smitten, Romantic and Rendezvous.
Bought at Bon Marche / Kitshop.

From blogs to Youtube, gurus have been raving about this product. First time i saw one of these was at Judy a.k.a. ItsJudyTime. She did a first impression video (she's the best when it comes to first impressions) and i was hypnotized by the product. I've heard about Clinique Chubby Sticks and Tarte Lip Surgence, which were obviously high end brands. I'd never tried a lip stain before because of the fear of my lips drying and on the other hand through the years I had developed a love on lip balms. The first make-up i had used was lip balms especially the tinted ones. I don't want attention on my lips i just want to not look pale and add some color on my naturally pale lips. 

So Revlon came with an ingenious idea to incorporate a stain and a lip balm. Giving you stained lips for hours without drying. There are 12 shades, a wide variety from everyday shades to bold lips for night outs. These chubby sticks look like a crayon and you don't need a big sharpener 'cause they're retractable.  It glides on the lips pretty smoothly but not waxy. The staying power is excellent, throughout the day i only reapply it once after eating but not necessarily because it wasn't there anymore. It has a minty smell and does have a tingling feel on the lips but fades quickly. I have 6 shades to review one by one but first i want to show you the dimensions from the container to how much the actual product in the container. 
Approximately 4 1/2 inches or 115cm.

Actual product is approximately 30cm or 1.1 inches.

Online Shopping and Haul

(Left-Right) Stila Convertible Color Dual Lip & Cheek Cream Travel size in Peony, 
Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey, Sweetheart, Lovesick, Smitten, Romantic 
and Rendezvous, Korres Lip Butter in Jasmine.
Bought at Bon Marche / Kitshop.
I am a certified online shopper.  Being a senior nursing college student, i rarely have the chance to go to the mall and look for new products. Online shopping has been a stress reliever these past busy days. All i need is a laptop and a connection to the internet and voila, shopping haven. Through online shopping i can save time and it is hassle-free because it will be shipped right in front of your doorstep. 

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