Monday, October 15, 2012

Pageview Reset to Zero

      By time you read this you might be as shocked as i was when i first saw that my pageview got reset to zero. I think all bloggers were affected by this because i checked some forums that bloggers were asking why did it happen. To be honest, i was relieved that it's not just me who experienced this. The first thing i thought that caused this was my recent deletion of viruses in my laptop ( Paranoid much? ).

     It irritates me to know my pageview was reset. As a blogger, it's nice to know that someone's reading your thoughts. It's rewarding to see total views from people all around the world, don't you think? 

Let me know how you felt seeing less than 10 views on your blogs. 


  1. Dear Gellie,

    Thanks for leaving a comment and following - it means a lot. However, I can't be giving followbacks or else EVERYBODY would be asking. However, I enjoyed reading this post, and will check in occasionally, to get you another view back! Thank you for following me - it means the dashboard!


  2. Aw, too bad. That's what I thought when I opened my blogger account this morning at work. I thought, it's only me because I registered to ad sense without completing all the required details. Aw, what's happening kaya? Kakalungkot naman if we will lost all of the pageviews na pinagkahirapan natin di ba girl? Anyway I followed you sis! - Pretty Thrifty

    1. Me too. I almost cried nga kanina telling my boyfriend what happened. :( Sana maayos ng blogger. :( Followed back sissy! :)

  3. Aww shucks sis, Blogger should explain! Threaten them that you'll make a petition and ask everyone to move to Wordpress because of their bad service! I hope they fix it. I know what that feels even if it hasn't happened to me naman pa. Feel better, sweetie!!

    Followed u btw!

    The Misty Mom

    1. It's okay na sweetie. :) Google had it fixed. Thank you. You are so sweet! :)


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