Thursday, October 25, 2012

Liebster Blog Award

I was so surprised when i saw that i'm nominated by my co-blogger here in blogspot to have the Liebster Blog Award. If you didn't know this award is given to bloggers with less than 200 followers. It's a way of helping newbies to gain readers and also to acknowledge the effort a blogger does on her blog. You will write down 11 random facts about you and then answer 11 questions from the person who nominated you. You must nominate 11 blogs that hasn't been nominated.

Lucky i am, my blogger friend Tonnumura nominated me. Thanks hun! Check her awesome site guys! :)

11 Random Facts About Me
  • I love exotic delicacies
  • I can't swim (even if i passed my swimming class before LOL)
  • I don't eat carrots (just because it's orange)
  • I hate it when ketchup touches my rice
  • I love to watch cooking shows
  • I make the best macaroni salad ever (ask my family!)
  • I have asthma since i was in 5th grade
  • I love lippies
  • I cry easily
  • I enjoy eating alone
  • I love All Time Low and Taylor Swift

11 Questions for my Nominees:
1. What's your favorite sport?
     - I'm not into sport, is cheerdancing counted? :)

2. What's your favorite Fall nail polish?
     - We don't experience fall here in the Philippines but i love Caronia's Crimson Red.

3. What's your favorite movie?
    - S1mone

4. Do you prefer tea or coffee?
    - TEA! 

5. Do you play any musical instrument?
   - Sort of! Xylophone. Teehee

6. What country would you like to visit soon?
   - FRANCE! <3

7. Are you quiet or outgoing?
   - Outgoing

8. Do you like candles?
   - YES!

9. What will you be for Halloween?
   - The Queen of Hearts

10. Do you prefer winter or summer?
   - Summer! :) I haven't experienced winter yet. We only have wet and dry season. :)

11. Ice cream or Yogurt?
   - Yogurt! :) 

My Nominees

11 Questions for my Nominees
1) What's your favorite comfort food?
2) What 3 things your bag should have?
3) Favorite band?
4) Do you like roller coasters?
5) Favorite ice cream yogurt?
6) Shorts or skirts?
7) Rainy or sunny?
8) Favorite TV series?
9) Makeup you can;t live without?
10) Favorite nail color?
11) Favorite facial wash?

Thanks for reading! :) Check the sites i've nominated they're pretty awesome. :)


  1. Thank you for nominating me, I'll do it as soon as I can, xoxo.

  2. Thank You so much, Gellie Zelle! Really appreciate it ^_^ Will surely do this tonight<3 :)

  3. tnx gellie for the nominating me,i'l let you know if i've finish it.tnx again.^_^

    1. No worries love! :) Sure! Keep me posted! :)

  4. hi again gellie, done with the questions.
    check it out dear tnx again.^_^

    1. Sure! :) Thanks for answering love! :)

  5. Thanks for nominating me! I recently did a post on it when I was nominated by another friend:

    My answers are on there if you'd like to take a look :)

    also, i'd love it if we could follow each other! :) xxx

    1. I followed you already. Congratulations! :)

  6. thank you for the nomination hun! :) that's really lovely of you, i'm super proud and can't wait too fill in the answers, congratulations on receiving your own award as well :) followed you, would love to keep in contact xxxx

  7. Do you have something agaisnt orange colored food? I got curious by your random fact
    I love watching cooking shows as well xD but I get so hungry after lol
    Oh btw you had a typo in my name hehe you wrote Tonnumura but it's Tonnomura :D

    1. I'm weird like that. HAHA. I don't know why i don't like carrots. :) SORRY love. :( I edited already! :) xx

  8. Hi Miss Gellie! Thanks a lot for nominating my blog! ^___^

  9. hi there Gellie! :)
    i just saw your post.. Thank you for nominating me! Yay! *im so kilig* hehe..
    I'll do this soon love.. thank you again!

    much love
    Melda Mae (Simply.Meldific)


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