Wednesday, August 29, 2012

REVIEW: Korres Lip Butter in Jasmine

Another product worth reviewing! I was so curious to try this because Fleur a.k.a. FleurDeForce in Youtube loves this especially the Jasmine one. And when i finally saw it online, i just had to buy it. Let's see, this one's my first Korres product that i own so far. The packaging looks very clean and a touch of girly vibe on it with the pink cap. And i like products that look so mysterious, plain and simple. The simplicity of the packaging was totally nothing compared to the actual product. It has a somewhat "cookies" smell on it that makes me want to always dig on it. 

Every after application, my lips feel luxury at its best. It beat my EOS lipbalm for giving that moisturizing effect. It has other shades, others have visible tint on them but this one gives your lips a little bit nude-y color and shine. I usually use this before bedtime, and gah when you wake up you feel softness. It makes you want to kiss your lips (if that's even possible) 



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