Tuesday, June 11, 2013

May 2013 Favorites (Makeup, Beauty and Random Things)

May Favorites on the rocks.
     Hey guys! Sorry i'd been MIA for the last couple of months. There's a lot going on with my life since graduating from college. And now, I can finally blog again on a regular basis until the results of my board exams release, pray for me y'all (officially unemployed right now). I'm clueless what to blog about and since almost everyone's sharing their May favorites, i decided to do the same. Monthly favorites posts are my thing right now, i like to get nosy on what others been loving and read why they love specific products. So here are the products that made the past month extra special.

  •      Soap and Glory's Clean On Me Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel - This has got to be made by  angels. It lathers easily and luxuriously. I love the scent that lingers on my skin even after rinsing it off. For the clarifying department, i give this 5 stars. Since it has a built-in body lotion, my skin's supple every after wash. I used this everyday for the month of May and boy, a little goes a long way. 
  •       Soap and Glory's Shower Puff- This thing plus my shower gel works amazing. It's so dense that it will give thick lather in the shower. I tried it with all my shower gels and really works wonders. It's tighly packed so no worries of loose puff. 
  •       Victoria's Secret Garden in Passsionate Kisses - I am not a big fan of VS products and believe it or not i found out about this when my good friend gave me one. At first, i was hesitant to try but one day i ran out of my perfume that i decided to give it a go and then the rest was history. I love how the scent stays on forever. By the way, this is my second bottle and it's a bonus that my boyfriend loves this too.
  •      Careline Blush in Charming Pink - This matte blush gives a healthy flush on my cheeks without looking overly done and with the affordable price, what's not to love?
  •      San San Eyeliner Pen in Black- I don't wear eyeliner everyday because i suck at doing it but when i feel like wearing it, i grabbed this baby. It's like using a mini marker that's very easy to use. After applying this product, it stays and won't go anywhere you won't like. 
  •      Careline Concealer with Tea Tree Oil in Almond- I love this product so much the label faded already. When i read that it helps get rid of pimples, i was skeptic. I think it does really help reduce the size of your zit and conceals it. 

  •      Nichido Spot Concealer in Neutral- I use this everyday in my lower waterline and voila instant eye brightness. The staying power though is not that good, maybe 4 hours max. 

  •      Milani Shadow Wear Quad in Sedona Sunset- Last month, i had constantly used this everyday. It's so pigmented and gives a natural look. I have everything i need for my eyes with this quad.
  •      Ben Nye Luxury Powder in Banana- An amazing product indeed! I love using this all over my face especially as a/an undereye highlight. Kept my face matte all day. 

  •      Maybelline The Rocket Volum' Express Waterproof Mascara- What's my monthly favorites without a mascara? I just can't live without curling my eyelashes and putting on some mascara. And i am obsessed with this particular mascara for it gives length and holds my curl all day without smudging.

  •      Garnier BB Eye Roll-on- BEST UNDEREYE CONCEALER EVER! If you can get hold on to this product, grab one immediately and then you'll see how much it will make a difference. I swear by it! This tube will last you for a long time. I have this since last year and still going.

  •      Benefit Hoola Mini- This saved my face from being flat with no dimension. In times, where i just want to warm up my complexion, i just lightly dust it all over my face

  •      Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait- MLBB kind of lipstick. The photo don't give justice but the lipstick has gold specks on it so if you apply it you don't need a gloss. It instantly makes your lips a little bit fuller. 
  • Revlon Lip Butter in Sweet Tart- If i wanted a pop of color on my face, i use this on its own or mostly topped with Peach Parfait. I love how it is so easy to apply, all the lip butters are, and also very moisturizing with a decent color pay off.      
  •      Human Nature 100% Natural Moisturizing Night Cream with Plant Collagen- Collagen is good for your skin and yes, all natural baby. I love this product because it gives my skin all the love it needs at bedtime. One thing i don't like about it, is the smell when you first apply it. But the smell wears off so it's no biggie. Yay for supple skin the next day!
  •      Mini Eiffel Tower- Random favorite, eh? But who wouldn't love this cute Eiffel Tower, right? Last month this had been on top of my desk and i love it so much. Someday i will see the real thing already not a mini one.
  •      Colorful Skull Bracelet- This has been a mainstay on my wrist the past month. It transforms a dull outfit into a fun one. Imagine our skulls, this colorful. 

That's it, pancit! Wonder what products will be on my list this June? ;)


  1. aw i love the mini Eiffel tower :)

  2. I love that most of these products are affordable and madaling bilhin. I'm particularly interested about the Human Nature 100% Natural Moisturizing Night Cream with Plant Collagen, I've been planning to buy it since last year pero plano pa lang, lagi kasing di available. Do you use any other Human Nature product? :)

    1. Try it! :) Yan unang product ko galing sakanila. I want to try their Sunflower Oil. I've heard good things about it from my friends. xx


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