Thursday, March 28, 2013

March Collective Haul

      It was a fine day so i decided to go outside and take photos. My lil' sister helped me find beautiful spots at our pool side. Here are the things i accumulated for the month of March- from online shops, Sample Room and free product mailed to me.

All from Sample Room
      It's my first time to try things from Sample Room and these were the available ones i got. If you didn't know about this site, it gives free samples and even full size of just about everything from cosmetics to lifestyle products you might wanna try and test out. 
 CÉLETEQUE DermoScience™ Advanced Anti-Aging Anti-Wrinkle Ultra-Hydrating Cleansing Oil and Make-Up Remover Cleansing FAcial Wipes
      I'm excited to try this out because i've used a lot of make-up remover oils but all of them gave me a greasy feeling after use and my hope's up for this one! 

C-Lium Fibre Capsule and Husk
     No, i'm not after the slimming effect but for the "good digestion" attribute of this product. I often get constipated due to stress and so i figured why not give this a try. I also gave my father and uncle samples for them to try out. 

Avon Anew Clinical Pro Line Corrector with A-F33
     Avon mailed this to me way back February, i think but just found out the parcel in March. My dad gave it to me and told why i kept on ignoring it. That's because i wasn't expecting it. I'm not sure if i want to try this, i might just give to my mum 'cause she's like the skin care goddess. 

Soap and Glory Clean On Me Shower Gel 
     I originally pre-ordered Soapers Heroes Gift Set but unfortunately all Boots Store didn't have stocks as what Ms. Jhanin of Jhasbeu Shoppe told me. And as a shower gel junkie, i opted to get the Clean On Me Shower Gel instead. I first found out about Soap and Glory through my cousin who lives in UK. I remembered loving the scent of S&G products. 

Soap and Glory Glad Hair Day Conditioner
     This other Soap and Glory product was bought at a different store. I originally pre-ordered S&G's Birthday Box but same as the reason above i didn't get what i want instead this. Whew! S&G products are always sold out. I can't wait to use this! 

Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder in Banana 3oz.
     Oh yes it is girls! The most talked about powder. I waited months to get hold onto this and finally! *insert happy song here* I was one of those girls who patiently waited for Digital Traincase to post stocks at Multiply. I think they still have stocks for they have more than a hundred for Banana 3oz and 1.5 oz. 

MeMeMe Beat the Blues in Sunbeam
     I didn't plan to get this one but i'm in a search for a good highlighter product and when i ordered the next picture Ms. Melanie of MakeupHolics told me that they offer free shipping for every 500php and above orders so i asked her what's the cheapest product she sells and boom! 

Tutti Bag in Vintage Sailor Print
     Yes, a non make-up buy! I just love things that looks vintage-y so when i saw this i didn't hesitate to get it. It's so pretty and very roomy for your things. 

So that ends my post ladies! :) What would you want me to review among all the products mentioned? 



  1. hi dear.. followed you back =)

  2. A review on the Ben Nye Banana Powder please!

  3. I like the way you took pictures of these products ;) very creative :)

    I found your blog through another blog. I wonder if you'd like to follow each other as I am a new blogger as well and for sure I'm looking to connect with more beauty junkie :)

    1. Thank you for appreciating my "creativeness".

      Sure! Let's get connected Hannah! :)

      Followede you back hun! xx


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