Friday, March 22, 2013

REVIEW : Maybelline The Rocket Mascara

 Sorry if i haven't posted any for quite some time. I've been busy with school, i'm a graduating nursing student this coming April. Yay for me! So much work to accomplish like graduation requirements, review for the upcoming June Nursing Licensure Exam and the likes.
And yes, i'm back for a quick review on the Maybelline The Rocket Mascara. I ran out of my Maybelline The Falsies and as you know me, Youtube videos AGAIN made me want to try this new mascara. Ingrid aka missglamorazzi, swears by this product.

    The packaging is so adorable, i like how smooth it is and it really reminds me of a rocket. I got the waterproof one just because i was thinking ahead (graduation day peeps, might cry). I saw the other kind with the pink wand but i'm not really sure what's the difference, i think the blue one is waterproof and the other isn't. 

   When i first so the wand, Covergirl Lash Blast came into my mind because they both have the same size and both rubber-type bristles. It gets the right amount of product and there's no excess amount of product on the tip of the wand, which i like. I experienced that when i get too close on my waterline, it hurt a bit. Below are comparison on before and after application of the actual product. (Pardon my lashes as they are sparse and also my brows!)

Uncurled lashes

Curled lashes

One coat of The Rocket Mascara

Two coats of The Rocket

     Throughout the day, i didn't experienced any smudging, flaking or any discomforts from this mascara. It really volumizes and lengthens the lashes. This has got to be my favorite mascara. I recommend this product but it is not yet available in our local Maybelline counters. I bought mine at Sophie J Fashionhouse (Cosmetics & Skincare). Hope you liked it. Comment below on what mascara is your current favorite. :)



  1. Your lashes are gorgeous, and especially with the mascara!!!

    1. Wow, thanks! But their lengths are uneven. ;)


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